Best Tips to Fix Up Your Home – Countertop Refinishing to Carpets

Every homeowner dreams that his house looks more beautiful and feels more comfortable. It hardly matters the house is new, old, or rented. The flipping or fixing the house accumulates so much chaos and expenses. Renovating a house is not an easy task. But countertop refinishing professional Liz Vixson is expert in numerous savvy tricks. She knows how to revamp the house beautifully yet economically.   

Hi, I’m Liz Vixson, a hopeless remodeling addict (just ask my husband). I have tried to keep my hands off every home we’ve owned and I have failed miserably. Truth is, as an Army wife, we move a lot and I am constantly starting from scratch. So I have a lot of inspiration to keep me busy because every home comes with its own challenges and I always see a better vision for the property far beyond the bones. Unfortunately, with a few kiddos in tow and one salary, we just can’t afford massive construction projects every time we buy a new house. So over the years and locations, I’ve learned a number of savvy tricks to bring each home to life and give it some TLC without breaking the bank. This blog has been burning in my brain for years and I’ve never had the courage to publish it. But this summer with us stuck at home a lot, I finally took the time to write down some of my ideas. I hope they help you start creating the dream home you never thought you could afford.

Remodeling the house via architecture turns expensive, but if you want to save money, then Liz Vixson can help you. The following are the refurbish points that Liz Vixson uses to enhance the value of your house.

Tip:1 – Revamp Your Bookcase

If you are a book reader, then, simple dull color does not enhance the bookcase. Assemble the back wall of the bookcase with colorful paint and objects. The color scheme should be soothing, calm, and glamazonian. So many craft stores have shimmery marbleized paper. Cover your book with one of them. With these innovative things, the reader looks smart.

Tip:2 – Install The Good lighting And Knobs.

Good lighting reinvigorates your mood a lot. It changes everything; it does not need an extra plug. Whereas, class up the cabinet knobs that look stylish, and any family members can swap out the pulls yourself in minutes. Apart from this, take down all your favorite pictures (your photos, painting, and frames) and hang them in your room or living area. Make your most house visit the place a gallery wall.

Tip: 3 – Change The Shower Nozzle And Paint The Ceiling

While taking a shower, If you are facing some issue, then the culprit is not water pressure; it’s a shower head that needs change. In restrooms, Liz Vixson prefers to paint the ceiling in blue because the blue is as calming as the sky. It reflects the light that you don’t want to switch on the light in the daytime.

Tip: 4 – Redecorate Your Closet

The closet is the surface that comes into contact numerous times. It looks so awkward when someone sees your bath towels and bed linens. No doubt cleaning the closet is a daunting task, but you’ll be much happier when it is done. Add more strains horizontally or vertically (whichever you like). 

Tip: 5 – Invest In Kitchen

We all have standard water heaters available in the kitchen that usually contain 50 gallons of hot water. This is quite low in case of usage level; this amount of level can resist for 24 hours or seven days—revamp your traditional water heater with a tankless water heater. The advantage of the tankless water heater is that they only heat the quantity of water you need for that particular situation. The most advantageous thing is they’re eco-friendly and save your money.

For more refurbish, upgrade your appliances, old appliances consume more energy. Always use the appliances that are certified by the government because they consume less energy (10-15%). The stainless appliances will make your home shine brighter.

Tip: 6 – Rehabilitate The Room

We always ignore the ceiling cleaning, it covers most of the total area in our room. Keep on updating the home ceiling will prevent you from bang for the buck. Liz Vixson is proficient in cleaning the popcorn ceiling; she has the skill to clean and give a sophisticated custom look to your room or house. The ceiling millwork can give your old home a newer look. Liz Vixson can understand your budget, and in order to do that, give small touches of innovation that make your house stand out from the pack.

The appearance of your front door plays heavily into your guest. Your entry door should be designed by architecture. So, if you don’t have an appealing front door, then replace it with an attractive one. This is entirely your choice; you want to choose the decorative stained or cut glass panels’ door or solid wood door.

For the color scheme and design, you can have professional advice because they are trained, and their discriminating taste will make the right decisions. If you already have a refurbishing plan in your mind, then your half work is done.

Tip:7 – Modernize The Flooring

If the house’s flooring is not up to the mark and you have the budget around $3000 to $5000, then green flooring choice is perfect. The green flooring is the hottest trend because it is much better than the carpet in the form of durability and shine. The solid surface floors give your house an upscale look and painless to clean. This green flooring bamboo is deliberately perfect for environmentally conscious homebuyers.

Along with this, if you have plenty of space, then you can add a closet or garage storage by adding a custom shelving system. The concrete left behind after constructions can be used to resurface. You can add this multi-colored concrete and brick on your walkway, driveway, or around the patio or pool.

What Are The Various Ways To Have A Stainless carpet?

When you have a carpet in your house, extra attention is required, but if you forget and take the coffee, food, and shoes into the carpet,  the stains will degrade your carpet and lower your house appearance. The best stain remover tips that Liz Vixson  suggest is mentioned below:

  • Remove The Excess Solid Immediately

The carpet frequently accumulates excess solid. It removes it with a butter knife as soon as possible; otherwise, it turns into a permanent stain. Take a clean absorbent cloth and clean the carpet from edge to center. Make-sure you gently blot and not rub because rubbing can damage the carpet fibers.

  • Use The Carpet Stain Remover

Suppose any stain left behind after bolting the use of the carpet stain remover as per the manufacturer’s instructions. If you don’t want to buy the stain remover cleanser, then you can also clean it with a vinegar solution. Add a dishwashing liquid into warm water with few drops of white vinegar. Let the carpet stain remover or vinegar solution sit on the contaminated carpet surface for ten minutes.

  • Remove The Stains With Blot

In order to clean the stains, use the clean cloth and blot from outside in. Keep on repeating the process till the time stain fades away.

What Are The Innovative Ways To Remove The Common Carpet Stains?

  • Coffee And Tea Spill

The coffee and tea spillage is common but difficult to remain. In order to remove them take two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with dish soap. Remove the blot and then apply the solution and after a few seconds, rinse the stain with water, blot till the stain is removed. 

  • Chocolate

To remove the tough chocolate stain from the carpet, if the chocolate is melted, then attentively place it into the plastic bag with ice cubes. This will remove the hardened chocolate before scrubbing to remove the loose flakes. Mix dishwashing liquid with warm water and stair it well. Then apply the stain solution with a clean cloth. Apply from outside to inside and wait for a few minutes afterward bolt until the stain removes.

What Are The Methods To Install The Carpet?

Position The Tack Strips

  • Empty the floor and detach the door, where you want to install the carpet.
  • Place the strip with the wall side face.
  • Maintain a two-third thickness of the carpet from between the tack strips and wall.

Position the Carpet

  • Drag the carpet on the floor and install so that it seams right angles.
  • Adjoin the two pieces with masking tape.
  • Trim the extra carpet from the edges with carpet trimmer.

Take The Measurement of The Carpet

  •  For proper carpeting, measure the room with the longest wall.
  •  Roll the excess carpet facing outward.

Layout The Carpet

  • In the padding, the room unrolls the 3-inches lapping carpet up the wall.
  • Make a cut on the carpet corner with a sharp knife.
  • To adjoin the carpet piece, make use of heat-activated seaming tape.
  • Till the glue dries, place the heavy object on top of the carpet.

Unbend The Carpet

  • While adjusting the carpet on the first wall, stretch the carpet to another wall.
  • Place the head stretcher on the carpet away from the wall.
  • To avoid the damage, use the scrap board.
  • Once the carpet is done on two walls, repeat the same process for the remaining walls.
  • To prevent the unraveling, seal the edges with latex seam.
  • Then screw the carpet and trim the excess parts.
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