Meet Liz

Hi, I’m Liz Vixson, a hopeless remodeling addict (just ask my husband). I have tried to keep my hands off every home we’ve owned and I have failed miserably. Truth is, as an Army wife, we move a lot and I am constantly starting from scratch. So I have a lot of inspiration to keep me busy because every home comes with its own challenges and I always see a better vision for the property far beyond the bones.

Unfortunately, with a few kiddos in tow and one salary, we just can’t afford massive construction projects every time we buy a new house. So over the years and locations, I’ve learned a number of savvy tricks to bring each home to life and give it some TLC without breaking the bank. This blog has been burning in my brain for years and I’ve never had the courage to publish it. But this summer with us stuck at home a lot, I finally took the time to write down some of my ideas. I hope they help you start creating the dream home you never thought you could afford.

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